Friday, April 11, 2008

Organized Chaos?
Head on over to Lysa's blog and see what she's up to today!
Here is my orgizational dilema: the bedroom!
I have stacks of stuff lined all around the walls of the room. I have clothes baskets full of junk, clothes and who knows what else stacked in a corner. I cleaned out one of my closets with the intention of finding a nice neat way to move some of the junk into some type of organization in there but haven't had a chance to work on it again. It seems I have no time to dedicate to work in that room - ie I know there's not enough time to knock it all out so I never get started on it - I do other things, smaller tasks that I can do and be done with and feel like I accomplished something!
If anyone has any ideas to help with this please leave them below and I would be VERY greatful! The only other area of my life that seems chaotic is my finances and I think that will be better once I find enough time to spend talking to my new friend and blogging sister Becky!
Good luck and may we all be a little more "together" at the end of today!
Until next time.........


Tammy said...

I think most of us just put of tasks because we are overwhelmed by the magnitude of it. However, I think by setting time limits over a longer period of time is more doable.

Instead of thinking I have to get my closet cleaned in one day, I will just clean out the shoes one day, and maybe sort and purge my clothes another day. Then tackle the top shelves another day.

Baby steps!

siscaboo said...

I totally get overwhelmed by the bedroom. There is so much chaos going on in my bedroom that it is unbelieveable. I do find that if I just schedule 15 minutes in there either a couple of times a day or once a day that by the end of a couple of weeks it is done. Although a couple of weeks later it is totally messed up again.
I do find to that the few days it is clean and looking nice I do sleep better and want to be in there.

Just take it a few minutes a day. ex: 15 minutes to clean off the dressers. When 15 minutes is up quit. Look at how much you have done if you want to do more, then do it. If not, it can wait for another time.