Friday, April 11, 2008

Organized Chaos?
Head on over to Lysa's blog and see what she's up to today!
Here is my orgizational dilema: the bedroom!
I have stacks of stuff lined all around the walls of the room. I have clothes baskets full of junk, clothes and who knows what else stacked in a corner. I cleaned out one of my closets with the intention of finding a nice neat way to move some of the junk into some type of organization in there but haven't had a chance to work on it again. It seems I have no time to dedicate to work in that room - ie I know there's not enough time to knock it all out so I never get started on it - I do other things, smaller tasks that I can do and be done with and feel like I accomplished something!
If anyone has any ideas to help with this please leave them below and I would be VERY greatful! The only other area of my life that seems chaotic is my finances and I think that will be better once I find enough time to spend talking to my new friend and blogging sister Becky!
Good luck and may we all be a little more "together" at the end of today!
Until next time.........