Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prayer Request

please pray for Ms. Judy (my late husband's mother) and her boyfriend Dave. She isn't exactly sure what happened but sometime Friday night he fell or collapsed and hit his head. While unconcious he vomitted and it aspirated into his stomach and lungs. He is in ICU on the respirator and at this point they are giving him a 50-50 chance. This is really difficult for her since it brings back all those emotions from the time Mike(her son/my husband - who passed away at 24 from cancer) was in the hospital like this the Jan. before he died in June of 2002.

God is still in the miracle business and He still answers prayer!

Thank you!!

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Carol said...

I read your prayer request and said a prayer for Ms Judy and Dave. I hope he has a quick recovery. God Bless!