Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am not yet sure what message God is planning to deliver to me but this morning He lead me to start a study on the book of Nehemiah and so I read the overview and summary in my study Bible and tommorow I will start with chapter 1 and work my way through. I found a great study guide to go along with it as a study at and so my journey will begin.

I talked to the doctors office yesterday and they officially upped the dose of my Effexor XR from 150mg to 187.5mg but boy did that hurt my pocketbook. I went from paying $40 for a month supply to $80 because I have to buy a 150mg prescription and a 37.5mg prescription each month. I guess I have to continue to be thankful that the help is there and that I have a medical spending account at work to reimburse me for it. God always provides our every need.

As far as my organizing at home goes, I have made a 3 ring binder with dividers and page protectors in it to store invitations, coupons, take out menus, and other things I deem important enough to make easily accesible by keeping it all in this one book. I also bought a 3 drawer desktop organizer which I put by my back door where I come in with the mail. The top drawer holds my bills, checkbook, calculator, address labels and stamps, the middle drawer holds (i forget what exactly at this moment) and the bottom drawer holds things that don't belong at my house like some previous year cd's from the Easter and Christmas cantatas that I need to take back to the choir director at church. Things seems to keep my kitchen table/counters freed up (at least so far anyway!). I have also started a expandable file to keep all of my paid bills and important medical papers and such in. I think I am off to a wonderful start if I can just stay motivated to finish what I started AND stick with it!! I need ya'll to pray for me in that respect AND help to hold me accountable!

Thanks for reading and until next time, God bless you!

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